Profiling, Crisis- and Hostage Negotiation


“Profiling, as we practice it, is an advanced technique beyond traditional observation forms. We focus on analyzing the combination of micro-expressions in the face, subtle body language, and nuances in voice use. These elements reveal a deeper layer of human communication, often hidden from the naked eye.

The insights gained from profiling are used by police, justice departments, and intelligence agencies. Recruitment agencies also employ it as part of assessments and stress tests. It is utilized in risk analyses, negotiations, acquisitions, and one-on-one conversations.”

How Does It Work?

Profiling provides insights into when people experience tensions different from those in normal behavior. This method analyzes the combination of facial expressions, body language, and voice use.

Eyes never lie. They always show tension earlier than the body can display it, and the mouth can articulate it. What facial expressions do you often show yourself? What can we observe and hear in others?

Our experts are trained to identify the finest nuances in facial expressions, body postures, and voice intonations. These signals, often unconsciously emitted, can indicate deep-rooted emotions and intentions. By analyzing these subtle signs, we gain insight into individuals’ true feelings and thoughts, even when they are not verbally expressed. We can even influence these.

Advantages of Profiling

  1. Insight into Underlying Emotions: Profiling enables you to recognize hidden emotions and tensions impacting personal interactions and business decision-making.
  2. Improved Communication: By better understanding non-verbal signals, you can communicate more effectively and prevent misunderstandings.
  3. Risk Mitigation: In both business and personal settings, profiling helps in the early identification of potential conflicts or disagreements, allowing for preemptive actions.
  4. Strengthening Negotiations: Understanding the true emotions and intentions of others can provide a strategic advantage in negotiation scenarios.

We combine years of expertise with a tailored approach. Our services are not only useful for professionals in recruitment, police, justice, intelligence agencies, or business leaders. It’s for anyone who wants to understand and apply the nuances of human interaction in their daily life.

Crisis and Hostage Negotiation

In this area, we focus on managing hostage situations, barricades, and interventions in cases of potential suicide. Our primary objective is to ensure no casualties, the safety of hostages, and gain control over the perpetrator(s) by maintaining communication through the axis of humanity at all times.
The skills of kinetic questioning (conducting conversations based on interpreting body language) and profiling are particularly valuable here!

Always one step ahead,
in every situation.

Our Experts in Crisis and Hostage Negotiation

Our experts in crisis and hostage negotiation provide specialized support to executive boards, leadership teams, law enforcement agencies, and individuals who are at increased risk due to their societal status, such as prominent business leaders and high-net-worth individuals (family offices).

Our professionals are trained in the United States by the Public Agency Training Council (PATC) and combine these skills with a wide range of additional abilities in Interpersonal Communication, Profiling, Kinetic Questioning, and Mediation.

With an approach akin to playing chess, our specialists are trained to always stay at least one step ahead. They anticipate potential moves and develop strategies that ensure safety and a positive outcome. Just as a chess player considers their next moves, our experts analyze the context and dynamics of each unique situation to achieve the best possible outcome.

This proactive approach ensures you receive support that is not just reactive but maintains control and leads to a resolution, even in the most critical scenarios.

Whether negotiating during a crisis or managing complex interpersonal conflicts, our experts are ready to guide you and your organization through any challenge.

“Avoid Checkmate”

Just like the opening move in chess sets the tone for the game, our initial intervention can make a difference in the outcome of your unique challenge. Our specialized crisis and hostage negotiators are prepared to keep you ahead in the complex game of strategic communication. Contact us today.