Our Confidential Counselors are officially trained, certified, and accredited.

The importance of deploying external Confidential Counselors who meet all the requirements is invaluable for any organization. Our Confidential Counselors are officially trained, certified, and accredited by Hobéon SKO and meet the strict criteria set by the National Association of Confidential Counselors (LVV). This guarantees they possess the required knowledge, skills, and professional standards to function within your organization effectively. Therefore, the job profile of a Confidential Counselor is also defined by LVV, and you can download it here.

As of January 1, 2024, significant changes have been made to the certification requirements for Confidential Counselors. These changes include the introduction of a national exam for the basic training of Confidential Counselors and mandatory certification for LVV members. This means that all LVV members must be certified from this date, ensuring an elevated quality standard within the profession.

These new requirements strengthen the professionalism and integrity of the role of a Confidential Counselor, allowing organizations to rely on qualified professionals capable of effectively handling sensitive and complex issues. Working with certified external Confidential Counselors not only provides a safe environment for employees to voice their concerns but also contributes to a positive and ethical work culture.

Choosing our services guarantees that you are working with Confidential Counselors who adhere to current legal and professional standards and are equipped with the latest insights and methodologies to support your organization optimally. This is crucial for creating a safe and supportive environment where employees feel heard and respected.

On our team page, you can get to know our Attention Givers or verify whether your Confidential Counselor is listed in the register by visiting the Hobéon SKO website.