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We understand that professional success’s essence lies in the power of interpersonal communication. Often referred to as ‘soft skills’, these abilities are, in reality, the hard pivot around which success revolves. We specialize in training and coaching these ‘essential skills’ for individuals and teams.
Attention is our Craft, and we say that for a reason.

Our range of training programs is designed to strengthen your organization in Leadership, Team Performance, and Influence.

Discover yourself and your team in a new way with our Insights Discovery and Hofstede Model programs. As certified Insights Discovery Practitioners, we help individuals understand how they and others experience the world.

The well-known four-color model of Insights Discovery – Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue – assists you and your team members identify personal styles, strengths, and the unique value each person brings. This simple yet powerful tool is crucial for improving team communication and dynamics.

As a Partner of Itim Focus, we also bring a global dimension to our training. With the world-renowned Hofstede Model, we delve into the cultural dynamics of teams. Developed by Geert Hofstede, this model examines six cultural dimensions on a scale of 0 to 100. It provides fascinating insights into how cultural differences can impact the work environment, using six ‘cultural climate maps’.

Our Trainers create an insight experience that improves employee connection with themselves and others. This results in a desire for involved change, leading to tangible results for your team and organization.

Contact us today to discuss how these powerful tools can transform the effectiveness and synergy of your team, leading to sustainable growth and success.


Our interactive training sessions are designed to enhance skills like empathetic listening, non-verbal communication, and leadership. These trainings are ideal for anyone looking to strengthen their communication abilities in a professional setting.

Team Coaching

We believe that a team’s strength lies in its members’ synergy. Our coaching sessions focus on enhancing team dynamics, fostering effective collaboration, and building a safe and robust team culture.

Individual Coaching

Personal development is a journey. Our individual coaching programs are tailored to help you understand and develop your personal communication style while focusing on specific areas of growth and development you choose to work on.

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