About our Team

Meet our Attention-givers

Each member brings unique expertise in interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and integrity management. Passionate about promoting a positive work culture and strong, empathetic relationships, our Attention-givers are dedicated to providing expert and personalized support.

Would you like to learn more about the Confidential Counselors Accreditation? Then, please visit the dedicated page for more information.

Kirsten Heukels

Accredited Confidential Counselor

Founder, experienced executive coach and consultant, profiler, crisis and hostage negotiator.

Pascal Comvalius

Accredited Confidential Counselor
IMI-certified and MFN-registered mediator, certified crisis and hostage negotiator, trainer, and auditor.

Seline Aerts

HR & Coaching.
Certified RealDrives Consultant

Bas Kousemaker, MBA

Accredited Confidential Counselor

Entrepreneur, interim business coach for start- and scale-ups

The Next Step in Your Career?

Just like machines need reliable, precise parts to function effectively, 1for2 Social Innovation needs the right people to strengthen our team and ensure our growth. Every small component and unique skill you bring can be crucial for our company’s smooth operation and innovation.

Are you seeking personal development, eager to work with impact, and contribute to legal certainty for our client’s employees? While we currently have no open positions, we are always looking for the right talent to enhance our mechanism, much like the meticulous search for the perfect part.

Are you a Certified Confidential Counselor working as a freelancer, or can you contribute to our ‘machine’ in another way? Then, send us an open application and share your vision and work experience. Every small part counts, and we are curious about your role in our growing entity.