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Expressing Emotions at Work

Expressing emotions at work. It used to be better not to. However, it is wise not to ignore feelings and to make emotions work for you. ‘There is often valuable information behind them.’

This article was originally published on July 6th in Het Financiele Dagblad, and online here.

A study conducted at four investment banks in London found that emotions significantly influence traders’ decisions. Traders who were aware of their emotions performed better. This study is cited in Marjon Bohre-den Harder’s book “Emotions Belong at Home,” which advocates for recognizing and allowing feelings in the workplace. Recognizing and managing emotions can prevent rash decisions, conflicts, and social insecurity.

At the Kennedy Van der Laan law firm in Amsterdam, attention is paid to celebrating successes and personal milestones, which contributes to a sense of belonging and well-being. According to a 2022 Gallup study, employee engagement positively impacts their well-being and productivity, with potential profit increases of up to 21%​ (Gallup Store)​​(​.

The article also discusses how negative emotions such as anxiety, concern, or panic within a team can be managed through open communication and practical solutions like emergency leave or remote working. It emphasizes that emotions are inevitable and crucial to learn how to deal with them. Personal conversations allow leaders to understand the emotions of their team members and implement appropriate strategies.

Self-reflection and coaching are mentioned as effective ways to manage emotions. Instead of more training, individual coaching can help control unregulated emotions. Organizational psychologist Bohr-den Harder encourages analyzing emotions and understanding the underlying feelings to regulate them better and make appropriate behavioral choices.

Source: “Emoties Doe Je Maar Thuis
Marjon Bohre-Den Harder 
Uitgeverij BOOM 2024

At 1for2 Social Innovation, we emphasize the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Jolan Douwes’ article “Expressing Emotions at Work” provides valuable insights into how recognizing and managing emotions promotes personal growth and leads to better business outcomes and a healthier work environment. We support organizations in creating a culture where employees feel heard and valued, enabling them to perform optimally.

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