Confidential Counseling

The role of a Confidential Counselor.

A Confidential Counselor is pivotal in creating a safe workplace with low absenteeism rates. At 1for2 Social Innovation, we provide confidential support for work-related issues such as unwanted behavior.

Unwanted behavior is divided into unwanted interactions (explained in the ARBO law) and integrity (explained in the Whistleblower Protection Act). The main responsibilities of a Confidential Counselor include:

  1. Providing support, guidance, and advice to the employee.
  2. Educating, informing, and inspiring the organization.
  3. Offering both requested and unsolicited advice to the board and management.

Our approach is personalized and discreet, offering support to all employees dealing with unwanted interactions and integrity concerns. We always strive to find a solution that does justice to as many parties involved as possible.

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Or visit our page dedicated to the Whistleblower Protection Act!

Support, Guidance, and Counseling for the Employee:

The Confidential Counselor provides a listening ear and assistance to employees facing issues or problems such as conflicts, unwanted behavior, or other work-related matters. They offer emotional support, assist in exploring potential solutions, and provide advice on the next steps to empower the employee to address the situation effectively.

Educating, Enabling, Informing, and Inspiring the Organization:

This role involves raising awareness within the organization about essential topics such as the work environment, behavioral standards, and ethics. The Confidential Counselor organizes informational sessions, workshops, and training to promote a positive, respectful, and safe work environment.

Providing Requested and Unsolicited Advice to Leadership:

As an expert in organizational culture and employee well-being, the Confidential Counselor advises the board and management on relevant topics. This may involve improving policies, addressing structural issues, or implementing new initiatives to promote a healthy work environment. These recommendations can be provided both upon request and proactively by the Confidential Counselor.

Supported by the #1 digital reporting platform: Whistleblower Software

At 1for2 Social Innovation, we aim to provide employees with a safe environment in which they can report both unwanted interactions and integrity issues. That’s why we have chosen Whistleblower Software, a platform known for its reliability and security.

An Integrity Platform with Expansion to
Unwanted Behaviour

Whistleblower Software was initially designed as an integrity platform, hence the name ‘Klokkenluiderssoftware’ (Whistleblower Software). Combined with our Confidential Counselor subscription, we are expanding this functionality so employees can report unwanted interactions. This sets us apart from other providers that make a distinction and solely focus on either unwanted interactions or integrity.

Ideal for all reporters

  • The most accessible channel for Confidential Counselor reports and Whistleblowers.
  • Easily report an incident confidentially or anonymously.
  • Secure two-way communication following the report, entirely confidential.
  • High transparency about what happens for the reporter throughout the entire process.

Unlimited number of cases, users, languages, and channels

Misconducts are reported in a safe and secure environment. User-friendly for the reporter, with support for multilingualism, the option for voice messages, and clear status indication, so even when reported anonymously, it is evident where the action lies.

Of course, all features are fully configured to respect GDPR and Privacy rules, including end-to-end encryption, the four-eyes principle, and redaction.

Multilingual Support and User-Friendly

Our choice for Whistleblower Software was made partly thanks to its proven security, with certifications such as ISO and compliance with GDPR/AVG, and its user-friendly, multilingual support. The software is easy to use and ensures that reporters can confidentially share their experiences.

Furthermore, we have a dedicated Dutch-speaking consultant who supports and guides us in the one-time setup of the platform.

Guidance provided by 1for2 Social Innovation.

1for2 Social Innovation offers Confidential Counselor subscriptions that support reporting unwanted interactions and integrity violations and guiding Whistleblowers. We are your partner who ensures that every report receives the attention it deserves and the expert guidance required.

Take care of your employees with an External Confidential Counselor subscription.

We offer an External Confidential Counselor subscription for €153 per month. Our certified Confidential Counselors are accessible via mobile phones and a digital platform.


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