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HR’s New Role

In the May/June issue of HBR Magazine, authors Peter Cappelli and Ranya Nehmeh deliver a strong message to HR professionals and leaders regarding much-needed shifts in the way organizations should treat their employees. We’ve quoted their final notes, regarding the importance of strengthening DEI efforts below.

“Strengthen DEI Efforts

A final area where HR can take the lead is diversity, equity, and inclusion. The “equity and inclusion” components, which get less attention, are where HR advocacy for employee interests is especially needed. Improving equity involves making the treatment of employees and the distribution of opportunities fairer, offering opportunities on a clear and meritocratic basis, reducing favoritism, and tying rewards to actual performance in a straightforward way—all changes that reduce perceived injustices, which can create enormous stress for employees. Increasing inclusion comes down to creating an atmosphere of tolerance and helping employees with their individual challenges.

A work environment in which employees feel safe being who they are encourages people to speak up and inspires a sense of pride and belonging. Those positive feelings translate into hard work and increased employee loyalty. Employers who get DEI right are far more able to attract talent because it widens the pool they can access, particularly among younger people.”

Read the full article on HBR’s website.

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