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Psychological Safety Levels the Playing Field for Employees

DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION / ARTICLE by BCG JANUARY 04, 2024 We found this interesting BCG publication by Nadjia Yousif, Ashley Dartnell, Gretchen May, and Elizabeth Knarr and felt compelled to share it here. If you read through here, you understand why we are excited about this research, which ties Psychological safety to retention and workplace satisfaction. The Services […]

Confidential Counseling Integrity

Confidential Counselor, Internal or External?

INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL? In the latest issue of Dentista, the professional magazine for the dental world (dentists/orthodontists), this article, to which we contributed, was recently published. Lately, there has been increasing attention to unwanted behavior in the workplace. However, this attention has not yet led to a decrease in such behavior. As a result, the […]


Mayors, aldermen, and council members embroiled in controversy: ‘Integrity is a black box.’

Een burgemeester die beticht wordt van seksueel grensoverschrijdend gedrag, een voor corruptie veroordeelde wethouder die toch terug mag keren of raadsleden die elkaar aan de haren trekken. De afgelopen jaren raakten meer dan honderd lokale bestuurders in opspraak, maar het zicht op misstanden is beperkt.